Alhaj A. Azziz, born Leo Chesson, is a Director, Singer, Songwriter, Producer. Film Maker/Keyboardist/Percussionists and Businessman all in one package. "You have to be in order to live in Africa. 

This entertainment company was started in 1980 by Liberian Afro/Jazz/Fusion musician Alhaj Asumanh Azziz (Leo Chesson). Having written for such notables as Hugh Masakela and Miriam Makeba in this native  Liberia and openning for the likes of James Brown. Alhaj toured Germany as a keyboard player for the Liberian group Soulful Dynamics and worked in Holland as writer/producer for the Dutch group Manues. In 1984 he formed his own band in Los Angeles California "L'Mamaba". Moving to the Washington DC area in 1990 he released his first solo efforts "Rodney King's Trial" and "Bring The Sunshine Back To My Country" to much acclaim.

He not only appeared on national radio, the front page of the P.G. Journal out of Lanham Maryland, but he also appeared on TV and played such events as  
'"Kunte Kinte" Festival and "World Jazz Festival" where he graced the cover of the Media Guide. He released his first CD "Khalahari", which garnered air play on national radio (smooth jazz). His 3rd CD "Moving into The Light" was voted CD of the Year 20-03 on "The Wayne Tucker Show" WPFW radio and not only did the Washington Post do a full page expose on Alhaj but Pax cable TV featured him nationally on Thanksgiving Day and the US Government invited him to play at the Benefit Concert for Pentagon Victims after 9/11 where he was the only African Artist. 

He also was the only act at the first "Black Expo" Black tie dinner in Washington D.C. 2005. He also partnered with Northside Records LLC of Suitland MD as artist and in house writer/producer. Moving Pasajamba to Liberia in 2006, he moved into film where he made infomercials for the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Information and Cultural Affairs; also music videos (Queen V "Dirty Boy" and "Eat So Eat So") and commercials (Welcome to Liberia). He also was producer/director/writer for the Liberian segment of the Pan African Film Festival IST Place Documentary Winner 2006 "My Nappy Roots" In Liberian he also serves on the editorial staff of the magazine Liberia Travel and Life where he also is a staff writer.

We will use our experience to assist and guide public figures thru the maze of the ever imposing press so new to Democracy in Africa in the Cyber/Information age.

Knowing Liberia, we feel it is not if but when all public figures need a good Public relations company. 

We feel the time is now. As Alhaj likes to say "better pro-active than re-active". Your business is our business.


Pasajamba Productions has cover 25 years in the music industry with owner/founder Alhaj also owning Palm Wine records/Fufu Soup Publishing which released his 5 CD's and music videos. As a prolific writer (over 500 songs) from African, African jazz/fusion, ballads,reggae soul, hip hop, hipco, his extensive experience in marketing his product to top line store such as Borders Books and Music and Tower Records and to the little guy such as Simba Music and understanding the need for Music Videos and promotional;/marketing materials and the Cyber social networking it takes to sell product in the 21st century, we feel confident that recognizing and producing young talent accompanied by new good material formulated for the commercial market place is essential. 

With his experience as a producer he will guide his many songwriters establishing Palm Wine records as a subsidiary of Pasajamba Productions Liberia Ltd and attracting the best and brightest songwriters in Liberia.


Pasajamba Productions will find the most attractive people to not only model its products but work with commercial houses.

photographers will be used to project the African beauty that is so lacking in the  western world.

We will emphasis Liberian / African body types and features posting our top models on our website in tasteful high quality images/poses. We will define African beauty as is our right as Africans.

We will produce no less than 3 African movies (DVD) a year. Each movie will have a part one and two of approximately 1hr.30 mins each. Each movie will be filmed as one with original script and sound track which will be produced as a movie, video and CD. Production will take 6 weeks from rehearsal to finished product.

Distribution will be in Liberia, USA, Europe, and Africa. With Liberia using the US$ as currency along with the Liberian $ with a ratio of about 70-1 production costs (filming)per Film will be minimal. Marketing and promotional materials will accompany each film.

Actors/Actresses: Pasajamba will create their own "stars" from their core of around 10 actors and actresses who will feature in all their film/video. A certified attempt to have audience identify with these individuals, some who must be multitalented to take advantage of music videos/CD's to sell products.

Film Service: We will be the company of record/choice for American/European film/video makers who seek to capture the true African experience. We will provide locations, logistics (hotel, car rental etc) extras to minimize cost. Our website in time will provide an extensive catalogue of actors and actresses and models for this purpose.

Market: With about 3.5 million people in Liberia, about 1 million in Monrovia alone and 1.5 million Liberians now residing in the USA and about 200,000 in Europe and abroad we feel we have a core market that  not only buys and collects Nigerian/Ghanaian movies which generate about about 1.3 billion dollars; right behind the USA and India in revenue.

Infomercials and Commercials: To generate income we will have a separate department to handle commercials and infomercial's and the like in Liberia. We will provide "jingles' and professional models/actors for commercials.

Studio: It is the vision of Pasajamba Productions to build a Movie studio with sound stage on it's 5 acres of land on the outskirts of Monrovia as Po River where during rainy season from June to October interiors could be filmed and also house facilities.
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